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Are these apples any good? 
07:19pm 07/05/2005


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08:41pm 04/02/2005
  I just started anew community for all. I would love for some of you to join. it's skins_sins check it out. <3  

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10:26am 03/08/2004
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am i hot enough? 
02:39pm 07/07/2004
mood: curious

here's me!

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am i hott enough??? 
01:35pm 29/05/2004
mood: cold
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02:00pm 08/07/2003
welcome to hotgaybois.

i am your moderator, rj (arjeiisabwahfan, o0cutegayboi).

the rules are pretty much like every other picture posting/rating community.




* post pictures in order to be accepted. submit between one to five pictures. you have 24 hours get rated, after one day passes, you will either be stamped or not. if you are rejected, please wait one week before posting pictures again.

* please refrain from commenting until you are a member. your votes do not count until you are accepted.

* even though you may meet the requirements for acceptence, until you get the stamp of approval, do not comment on pictures.

*please don't break the rules, you may be banned*


* you can be banned at any time for innappropriate conduct. being banned means no chance for coming back, even if you are "accepted" by the community in voting.

* when commenting on a picture, please be nice. if you criticize, don't totally shatter someone's perception. as christina aguilera says, "we are beautiful"...some just aren't beautiful enough on the the outside. hah.

* feel free to post pictures at any time members, make sure you title your entry *stamped*.

--have fun and good luck.

ps. ladies, im me to apply.


i have already asked some hot guys to join so we have people to vote.


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